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1) The Fit Physique is requiring EVERY student and/or guardian to fill out a new MEDICAL FORM and sign a WAIVER before your first class. NO EXCEPTIONS

a) MASKS must be worn at all times- upon entering The FP, during class, and while exiting The FP. (Cardio activity in classes will be limited.)
b) A TEMPERATURE CHECK will be performed on everyone entering The FP.
c) DO NOT ENTER THE FP IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY COVID SYMPTOMS, including fever, shortness of breath, cough or have been exposed to anyone with COVID.
d) HAND SANITIZER (available in waiting room) must be applied upon entering The FP.
e) Only bring what you need to class. Fitness students may not keep items at The FP (weights, mats, etc) when indoor fitness classes are allowed to proceed.
f) PARENT DROP OFF: ONLY parents of students age 7 & under are allowed to enter waiting room to drop off your child. Waiting room is otherwise open to STUDENTS ONLY. Please label ALL of your child’s belongings (water bottles, shoes, dance bags, etc.) to prevent loss!
g) PARENT PICK UP: After class, students 7 & under will wait with a staff member at the door until a parent meets the child outside at the door.
h) Students will maintain social distancing of a minimum of 6′ in EVERY area of The FP. Dance/fitness classroom is marked off in 6-foot squares. Class sizes will be limited.
i) Students may arrive only up to 10 minutes before class. Once ready for class, student must enter office area immediately. Students exiting class must exit into waiting room, not office.
j) DANCERS: Choreography and formations are adjusted to allow for social distancing. Also, the entire dance room will be utilized. (i.e.- No ballet barre set up to allow for audience blocking)
k) Studio and common areas will be cleaned between each class.
l) ATTENDANCE will be monitored for CONTACT TRACING.
m) The air conditioning/heating filters will be changes to HEPA filters for increased protection, and our front doors will stay open as much as possible to allow for added air flow.


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