Dance Policies


The Fit Physique’s Dance Requirements  *Updated 7/2019


We are very excited to have your child participate in our dance programs!
To ensure a successful experience for all enrolled, we have developed the following policies.  Please read thoroughly!  There are many changes each year.  Thank you for your cooperation and adherence to the following.



One of the few requirements in the “sport” of dance that involves cost is proper footwear. Shoes are the primary equipment a dancer needs, the quality and fit of the shoe directly affects the dancer’s ability to dance. Therefore, The Fit Physique requires that students wear dance shoes purchased from a dancewear store ONLY. Dance shoes may be purchased at Bailey Slipper Shop- 8210 Main St. in Williamsville. 634-0314. You may also utilize The Fit Physique’s Shoe Exchange Program (see informational flyer at studio, or on “News and Events” page. DO NOT purchase shoes at Target, Walmart, or other discount stores. Poorly fitted, inferior quality shoes affect balance, the ability to bend the foot properly, cause injury, and are definitely uncomfortable for your child. Bring this sheet with you when purchasing shoes. PLEASE LABEL SHOES with your child’s name to prevent misplacement or loss.

*Tap–      All tap screws MUST be checked before every class for tightness!


Tots Tap ONLY

For Tots Tap ONLY   Tap shoes with or without *lace ties. Patent leather (shiny) is acceptable for this age.*Ties must be replaced with elastic.  You may use an elastic hair tie cut in half.


For Tap I and above:  Black LEATHER tap shoes with strap.(Children- flat shoes only)

For Level VI and above:   Black LEATHER lace-up oxford tap shoe.

Ballet_shoes_in_fifth_position  Ballet-   

Pink LEATHER ballet slippers -“Capezio” or “Bloch” (NOT bedroom slippers!) If elastic across foot is too loose, request that store adjust. Ballet slippers should fit snugly. They will stretch to the foot just as a glove stretches on the hand.

 jazz shoes slip onjazz shoes lace up

                  Jazz/Jazzy Hip Hop-

Ballet slippers or jazz shoes. LEATHER only.  Not jazz sneakers (children only). 


Sneakers with non- marking tread- CLEAN! NO “Keds-style” (smooth bottom). Please designate sneakers for in studio use only! No outside shoes.untitled




ALL CLASSES- We encourage no underwear underneath tights (a requirement for the May performance). No jewelry- no necklaces, “dangly” earrings (post earrings ok), anklets, or bracelets. No body jewelry. Hair must be pulled up and off of face and neck.

Tap and Jazzy Hip Hop-

 Leotard – any color, and tights (tan, black, light pink or white) only .  NO SKIRTS- ATTACHED OR UNATTACHED. Level III and above Tap/Jazzy Hip Hop may wear black fitted dance shorts over leotard.


Leotard and tights only. Any color leotard. Light pink or white tights only. (Light color tights allow the muscles to be easily observed by the instructor). No skirts- attached or unattached.


Leotard (any color) and fitted black leggings/fitted workout pants (capri or ankle-length).  No multi-colored leggings, baggy pants, flare-bottoms, or tights- (unless worn underneath leggings for another class). 


BOYS-ALL CLASSES  Any color fitted t-shirt, fitted sweats/workout pants or shorts (BLACK only). No baggy clothes. No dress pants or jeans.


A minimal costume fee of $15 per class, per student, will be collected in December to help cover our upfront costs. Please note- this may not cover the entire cost of the costume, and you may be required to pay an additional amount prior to the dance show.



*Please be aware that our dance classes at The Fit Physique are progressive from September through May. Your child’s CONSISTENT participation is vital to their own success and to the success of his or her class. Therefore, we highly recommend that your child practice and maintain good attendance throughout the entire “dance school year” up to the May performances. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOUR CHILD WILL BE ABSENT OR IS ILL.

 *Please make sure you are up to date with all announcements by joining REMIND (now mandatory), , and liking our page on FACEBOOK YOU are responsible for making sure you have important information involving your child. If you are not connected, we will not be held responsible for you missing information.

 *Please be conscientious of class times. Please bring children to class up to 10 minutes before start time and please pick up PROMPTLY when class is scheduled to end. A $5.00 fee will be charged for every 10 minutes a child is left waiting for his or her guardian. Please instruct your children not to go into the parking lot to wait for pick up.

 *For the safety of your child, please inform the desk staff at the beginning of class if an adult other than the guardian is picking up the child.

 *Siblings of dancers MUST be kept quietly with parent at all times! No running or horseplay in the studio, Circuit Training Room, or waiting room. Children are not allowed alone or unsupervised at any time- NO EXCEPTIONS! While we understand it is not always possible to keep siblings at home, we ask that you respect our concern for your child’s safety, and the professional atmosphere of our studio. Our waiting room size is limited. Please limit the amount of family members waiting during class.

 *NO FOOD is allowed in dance room, and is strongly discouraged in waiting room due to many students’ food allergies. LABELED water bottles should be  brought to class.

 *Please keep your child home if he or she is still infectious, or cannot participate fully in class. If child is not infectious, he or she is welcome to sit and watch class, so they don’t fall behind.

 *Fill out and sign your child’s Medical History and Waiver of Liability. Please alert us to any special needs or concerns that your child may have so that we can better serve your child (food allergy, learning disability, physical challenges, extreme shyness, etc.).

* Level IV and up Jazzy Hip Hop students are strongly encouraged to take our Ballet/Contemporary class to further enhance their training.

Our annual dance shows will be held the weekend of MAY 16 AND 17, 2020. Please mark your calendars and reserve these dates, as your child will be performing on one or both of these days. Please also note that the mandatory Children’s Dress Rehearsal will be FRIDAY, MAY 15, and the Adult Performances will be THURSDAY, MAY 14. 
More information will be forthcoming later in the dance year.