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Dance Shoe Exchange / Purchase Program

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The Fit Physique’s Dance Shoe Program!

Our local dance supply store, Dance n’ Stuff on Highland Avenue is now CLOSED! The nearest dance store is now Bailey Slipper Shop– 8210 Main St. Williamsville, NY 634-0314
To offset this inconvenience, The Fit Physique is offering our Dance Shoe Program!
• Shoe exchange– bring a pair (must be in good condition), take a pair!
• No shoes to exchange? You may take a pair of shoes for a donation of $5 to $10 (money goes directly to one of The FP’s charities).
• Shoe sizes are not guaranteed. We are not a shoe store and only have a few sizes available.
• Shoes will not be available during classes. Please stop in during our business hours, call us at 877-1105, or message us on Facebook or Remind to make sure we have your size. Please make sure you are prepared for your class.
• We appreciate your thrift and consignment store dance shoe donations! Only leather shoes will be accepted. You will be reimbursed, just bring in your receipt.


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