Fitness Classes


Join Our Classes!

There is a class for every woman at The Fit Physique!
Classes start punctually. Please arrive on time  (or a few minutes early) so that you do not miss warm-up!
  • Bootcamp Boogie!    
    An interval-training workout that alternates challenging athletic moves with different styles of cardio; including dance, boxing, and Latin! Blast off the calories in this faster paced, choreographed workout! (This class is for the Intermediate level student and different levels of intensity are always demonstrated.)
  • Body Sculpting!  
    Our resistance training classes help improve muscle tone and build strength using weights, Dynabands, Gliding, and Pilates techniques. The lean muscle you are creating in this class also boosts your metabolism- a key to burning calories and losing weight.  Easy to follow and excellent for all fitness levels.
  • Yoga!     
    This centuries-old form of exercise improves flexibility, strength, and balance. Yoga also increases physical and mental relaxation by incorporating stress reduction techniques. A soothing program with a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises. We have classes designed for the beginner student just starting out, to the more experienced yoga participant.
  • Dance Cardio Party!      
    An energetic dance and fitness class that helps you burn calories in a fun,  atmosphere! Perfect for the beginner student, but everyone gets a great workout!
  • Ballet Body!   
    If you have admired the long, lean muscles of a ballerina, this class is for you! An easy-to-follow introduction to ballet-style exercises with a fitness focus. You’ll gracefully tone your lower body, arms, and core as you improve your balance and flexibility.  

Why We’re Unique At The Fit Physique

Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Current Club
Our Answers
Does your health club know your name? The Fit Physique does! We address each student by their first name-every time!
Does your club know your physical limitations and challenges? We do! Each instructor is familiar with your special needs and personal fitness goals.
Does your gym require you to sign a year-long contract? The Fit Physique does not! There are never any contracts or registration fees!
Does your gym care if you if you no longer attend or miss a class? We do! We check up on all our students if they no longer attend or miss a week of class! You are important all the time – not just when your payment is due!
Do you enjoy going to your gym to exercise? Our students do! They have fun exercising and we laugh a lot in class.
Do you feel comfortable in your club? At The Fit Physique, we have women of all ages, shapes, and levels of experience, and our atmosphere is non-intimidating.
Are your gym’s instructors certified and experienced? ALL our instructors are certified to teach by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) or The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and have a minimum of 5 years experience