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    OUR SUMMER DANCE SCHEDULE IS READY AND WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THE FOLLOWING EXCITING CAMPS AND CLASSES!!! Please call 877-1105, message us on Remind or on Facebook, or contact us through this website to enroll!!! KIDS CAMPS:  Please wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing. Ballet shoes also required. Tap shoes are required, but The Fit Physique may be of assistance. Ages 3, 4, and 5- NEW!! Imagination Dance Camp!   Each ...

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  • Dance Shoe Exchange / Purchase Program

    The Fit Physique’s Dance Shoe Program!Our local dance supply store, Dance n’ Stuff on Highland Avenue is now CLOSED! The nearest dance store is now Bailey Slipper Shop– 8210 Main St. Williamsville, NY 634-0314To offset this inconvenience, The Fit Physique is offering our Dance Shoe Program!• Shoe exchange– bring a pair (must be in good condition), take a pair!• No shoes to exchange? You may take a pair of shoes for a ...

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  • *REMIND *(now required for all students) AND FACEBOOK

    Remind is The Fit Physique's main form of communication (via message and/or text and email) with parents and students for important announcements. It is now REQUIRED for all students!! Most schools and teachers are using it now as well. It is easy to sign up using your phone or computer, and only takes a couple of minutes. You can use Remind to correspond with us as well, if you have a question about ...

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  • 2019 Dance Show Dates!

    DANCE SHOWS Our annual dance shows will be held the weekend of ***MAY 18 AND 19, 2019. Please mark your calendars and reserve these dates now, as you (adult dancers) or your child will be performing on one or both of these days. Please also note that the ***MANDATORY Children’s Dress Rehearsal will be FRIDAY, MAY 17, and the Adult Performances will be THURSDAY, MAY 16. Children’s class dress rehearsals and picture days take place during ...

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  • Inclement Weather Closing Information

    In the event of inclement weather, The Fit Physique will elect to close based on their best judgment, taking a number of factors into consideration. We do not always  close if the Ken-Ton School District is closed. We use this as a guideline only. Please use your own best judgment when deciding to travel to classes, if The Fit Physique remains open.To find out if The Fit Physique is closed, PLEASE MAKE SURE ...

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  • Circuit Training Special for Moms of Dancers and Adult Students!!!

    FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! Moms of our dancers can receive the special price of $10.00 per month for Circuit Training!!  Work out while your child is in dance class and come for UNLIMITED visits during the week as well! Don't miss this special offer!!!ALSO, for our adult dancers, if you are enrolled in a class (dance or fitness) you can also receive this special price for Circuit Training- $10.oo per month extra!!

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  • Now Accepting Independent Health’s Flex Fit Active and Blue Cross/Blue Shield Wellness Card!

    We are now accepting Independent Health’s flex fit active for all classes….In addition to flex fit family and independent!!! Also- we are now accepting Blue Cross / Blue Shield's Wellness card!!

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  • Outside Shoes

    Please note- do not wear shoes from outside into class, or in the circuit training room. Wet, dirty shoes pose a safety risk to you and those around you. With the installation of our new dance floor in July/August, you will not be allowed to wear ANY outside shoes in the dance room. This policy will be strictly enforced.

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